Nordic Ren-Gas Oy

Ren-Gas develops and delivers sustainable energy projects. We accelerate the cost effective decarbonization of heavy transportation sector by developing a clean P2X gas production network in Finland.



We are a solution-driven clean energy developer, whose actions genuinely reduce the use of fossil fuels. Our analytical and fact-based approach enables  efficient project development in a new industry.


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Nordic Ren-Gas Oy is a project development company established in 2021. Ren-Gas invests in the best P2X gas production and distribution sites in Finland. Our projects will create value across the value chain from P2X technology providers to gas and heat end users.

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We will develop and construct a nationwide P2X gas production and distribution network in Finland by utilizing effectively the value of sector coupling. Our actions enable a cost-effective emission reduction in the transportation and energy sectors, as well as an increase the energy independence of Finland, and they will provide a platform for significant industrial investments in Finland.

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  • Several P2X- gas production facilities by 2030;
  • 2.5 TWh (250 million diesel liter eqv.) of renewable gas fuels for the heavy transportation sector;
  • 1200 MW of new wind power capacity to power our P2X-facilities;
  • 600 MW of new demand response capacity;
  • 2.5 TWh of CO2-free district heating from the excess heat of our P2X facilities; and
  • Green hydrogen production and distribution network for the  transportation and industry sector’s future usage


Nordic Ren-Gas Wins in the First EU Hydrogen Auction with EUR 45 million Bid

Nordic Ren-Gas Lahti plant has been among selected winners with a EUR 45 million subsidy grant through the European Hydrogen Bank’s first competitive bidding process. This significant financial support will enable Nordic Ren-Gas to scale up its renewable e-methane production in Lahti Finland, and to accelerate the development of the decentralized e-methane production network.

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EIB approves Ren-Gas 230 MEUR financing framework to back its renewable e-methane projects in Finland

The European Investment Bank (EIB) approves 230 MEUR framework loan agreement for Nordic Ren-Gas’s (Ren-Gas) advanced renewable e-methane project portfolio. EIB is working together with leading European renewable financing banks to support the growth of Ren-Gas’s well designed green hydrogen and e-methane project portfolio in Finland. The Ren-Gas project portfolio optimizes the benefit of sector integration in the emerging green hydrogen industry which is paving the way for reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy security in Europe.

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Gasum plans to purchase up to 800 GWh e-methane per year from Nordic Ren-Gas’s next two Power-to-Gas plants

Gasum and Nordic-Ren Gas continue their co-operation to develop the e-methane market by negotiating a gas offtake agreement on the next two Power-to-Gas plants Nordic Ren-Gas is developing. These two plants will be connected to the existing gas grid infrastructure. The e-methane is made with renewable electricity and biogenic carbon dioxide and can substantially reduce emissions in transport and industry.

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Saara is the CEO of Ren-Gas. Saara has over 15 years’ experience in business development and international project development in the energy sector. Saara holds MSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.


Tanja is the General Counsel of Ren-Gas and in addition to legal matters she is responsible for project structuring and financing. Tanja has over 15 years’ experience in international project development in energy sector. Tanja holds Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki and MSc. (Economics and Business Administration) degree from Hanken School of Economics.


Veikko is the Head of Technology of Ren-Gas. He has 40 years’ experience in energy sector, and he has been managing several P2X projects in Finland and globally. Veikko holds MSc degree in energy engineering from Tampere University of Technology.


Jyrki is the Head of System Integration, and responsible for the project optimization. Jyrki has more than 20 years’ experience in energy system modelling and portfolio optimization of energy companies. Jyrki holds MSc degree in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.


Matti is the Head of Market Development of Ren-Gas and responsible for market development, marketing and customer relationships. Matti has more than 15 years’ experience in sales and business development in energy sector. Matti holds MSc degree in industrial engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology.


Mikko is the Head of Engineering and responsible for the technical design of Ren-Gas’ projects. Mikko has more than 20 years’ experience in gas and district heating sectors. Mikko holds BSc degree in  energy engineering.



Lauri is the Head of Project Development and responsible for Ren-Gas P2X-project portfolio development. Lauri has over 15 years experience in project development and financing in the energy sector. Lauri holds MSc degrees in industrial engineering and financing.



Antti is Ren-Gas’ development manager. He is in charge of managing the P2X-projects, and developing the techno-economic for the projects. Antti has over tne year experience in energy industry. Antti holds MSc degree in energy engineering.


Ilkka is the Investment Analyst of Ren-Gas, responsible for financial analyses and investment evaluations. Ilkka has prior business development experience in energy and renewables sectors. Ilkka holds MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University.