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Mikko Lehtinen starts as the Head of Engineering at Ren – Gas

We are pleased to announce that Mikko Lehtinen has joined Ren-Gas in December 2021, bringing his vast experience of hydrogen economy and carbon utilisation to the team. Mikko will work as the company’s Head of Engineering, responsible for the technical design of P2X projects and the development and management of the project office. Mikko’s deep expertise in various areas of the hydrogen economy will benefit the development of Ren-Gas’ first P2X projects.

Mikko has more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry. Before joining Ren-Gas, he worked at Woikoski Oy as a technical director and project manager in numerous hydrogen and carbon capture projects. Mikko has executed multiple hydrogen-related projects within the industry sector including the hydrogen filling stations to Voikoski and Gothenburg. In addition, Mikko has extensive expertise in the district heating sector, adding depth to Ren-Gas’ sector integration team.

“The Ren-Gas team reassured me right away and I knew I wanted to work with this crew. Ren-Gas has a strong vision and ambitious goals but most of all, a good attitude of getting things done and bringing solutions to climate change now. It is great to see how things are progressing systematically towards the first projects to be implemented. I saw first-hand that Ren-Gas will move forward at a rapid pace and at the same time I felt that I can bring the kind of expertise to the team that will be needed now that the projects are moving forward, ”comments Mikko Lehtinen, Ren-Gas’ Head of Engineering.

“Ren-Gas’ operations have started at a rapid pace, and market reception has been really positive. As our business grows, we will naturally need more experts to our fantastic team. It is great to see that RenGas’ business, values ​​and goals inspire people, and we are able to attract top talent, such as Mikko to the team” said Saara Kujala, CEO of Ren-Gas.

Ren-Gas is a clean energy developer that will build a decentralized, clean P2X gas production and distribution network in Finland for heavy transportation. Renewable fuels produced by Ren-Gas will reduce the use of fossil fuels in the heavy transportation sector by about 250 million litres per year, corresponding to about one-fifth of the total fuel consumption. The resulting clean fuel can reduce more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in the transport and energy sectors. Ren-Gas will procure more than 1,200 MW of new domestic wind power as the energy source for its P2X fuels.