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Top talents join the Ren-Gas team

The Finnish clean energy developer Nordic Ren-Gas Oy has put together a top team to accelerate the development of clean industrial size P2X-gas production facilities in Finland. The company has attracted top talents from the synthetic fuels, sector coupling and international energy project development sectors. The experience and know how this team brings together is already in daily use as the team has started the development of the first P2X-gas projects together with the Finnish energy companies.

“ I am extremely happy that we have such a wonderful team to develop sustainable energy projects in Finland. We have a very analytical and fact-based approach to everything we do, which helps the team to keep a clear focus. This focus is needed, as we have already started to work with the first projects.”, says Saara Kujala, the CEO of Ren-Gas

”We have a fantastic team, which is motivated by the work on reducing emissions and stopping the climate change. The absolutely best part of our work is the fact that we are able to accelerate the development of concrete P2X-projects in Finland, instead of just talking about the opportunities of hydrogen. We have a lot of work and potential challenges ahead of us, but I am absolutely confident that  this is the team that will find the best solutions to advance these remarkable projects”, said Matti Rautkivi, the head of market development in Ren-Gas.

The Ren-Gas team has broad and extensive experience in energy sector

Saara Kujala is the CEO of Ren-Gas and heading the project development. Saara has over 15 years’ experience in business development and international project development in energy sector. Saara holds MSc in Industrial engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Matti Rautkivi is responsible for market development and customer relationships in Ren-Gas. Matti has more than 15 years’ experience in sales and development in energy sector. Matti holds MSc in industrial engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Veikko Kortela is the Head of Technology of Ren-Gas. He has 40 years’ experience in energy sector, and he has been managing several P2X projects in Finland and abroad. Veikko hold MSc in energy engineering from Tampere University of Technology.

Tanja Blomqvist is general counsel of Ren-Gas and also responsible for project structuring and financing. Tanja has over 15 years’ experience in international project development in energy sector. Tanja holds MSc in legal and economics from University of Helsinki.

Jyrki is the head of system integration, and responsible for the project optimization. Jyrki has more than 20 years experience in system modelling and portfolio optimization of energy companies. Jyrki holds MSc in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Ren-Gas delivers genuinely sustainable energy projects. We accelerate the cost effective decarbonization of heavy transportation sector by developing a P2X gas production and distribution network in Finland. Ren-Gas enables cost effective emission reduction in transportation and energy sector, the increase of the energy independence of Finland, and the execution of significant industrial investments in Finland.

Matti Rautkivi, Jyrki Leino, Saara Kujala, Veikko Kortela, Tanja Blomqvist