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Environmental Impact Assessment Program Released for Ren-Gas E-Methane Production Project at Kotka

Nordic Ren-Gas Ltd is currently developing an e-methane production facility in Kotka. The project is geared towards constructing a facility that will produce renewable synthetic methane, hydrogen, and process heat for Kotka Energy’s district heating network. This collaborative project with Kotka Energy is proceeding according to plan, and as part of its development, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process has commenced, with the publication of the EIA program.

The envisaged production process comprises two main components: 1) The carbon dioxide capture facility will be situated in close proximity to Kotka Energy Ltd’s cogeneration plant in Korkeakoski, while 2) The e-methane production facility will be established in Mussalo on the Palaslahti industrial site. The process involves capturing carbon dioxide from the cogeneration plant’s flue gas stream in Korkeakoski, liquefying it, and transporting it to Mussalo by road. At the Mussalo e-methane production facility, renewable e-methane is produced in the methanisation process by combining the captured carbon dioxide with green hydrogen produced through electrolysis. This renewable e-methane is then injected into the existing gas network, and the waste heat generated during production is used to provide district heating to the Kotka area.

Ren-Gas has been actively developing this project in close collaboration with Kotka Energy since 2022. The project is on track, and as part of its development, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process has recently commenced. The EIA program for the project was officially released on September 4, 2023, and you can access the EIA materials through the following link: www.environment.fi/nordicrengasp2xkotkaEIA

The EIA program will be open for public review from September 4 to October 3, 2023. Additionally, a public information session regarding the project will take place in Kotka on September 13, 2023, with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southeastern Finland serving as the supervisory authority for the EIA.

Ren-Gas holds a prominent position as Finland’s leading developer in the hydrogen economy, spearheading the establishment of a decentralized renewable e-methane production network within the country. The renewable fuels produced by Ren-Gas are expected to significantly reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in heavy road and maritime transportation, potentially saving up to 250 million liters annually. This transition to renewable fuels will contribute to a reduction of over one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year within the transportation and energy sectors. To power the e-methane production, Ren-Gas will source Finnish wind power.

In pursuit of this vision, Ren-Gas is actively developing a portfolio with a capacity of approximately 300 MW for methane production. The Kotka project, with its 60 MW capacity, plays a pivotal role within this portfolio. This initiative will pave the way for substantial expansion of wind power in Finland through project-specific long-term power purchase agreements. Furthermore, the portfolio’s approximately 600 MW of electrolyzer capacity is highly flexible to changes in electricity consumption, increasing demand flexibility in Finland’s electricity grid.

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