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  • Location Keravan Energia Bio-CHP
  • Hydrogen production 6 000 tons per year
  • Methane production 12 000 tons per year
  • COD Year 2027
  • CO2 utilization 37 000 tons CO2 per year
  • District heating 180 GWh per year


Full feasibility study

EIA and permitting



Renewable e-methane and CO2-free district heating cogeneration plant for Kerava

Nordic Ren-Gas Oy develops an e-methane production plant for Kerava. The goal of the project is to build a production facility that produces renewable e-methane, hydrogen and district heating produced from waste heat. The plant’s planned location is near Keravan Energia’s biopower plant, which enables the delivery of carbon dioxide from the energy company and the integration of district heating.

The project is developed in close cooperation with Kerava Energia. According to the preliminary schedule, the construction of the facility would take place between 2025 and 2027.

The production of renewable e-methane, hydrogen and district heat produced from waste heat is based on a carbon-neutral fuel cycle. The plant consists of a technology complex that includes hydrogen production, carbon dioxide production from flue gases, methane production, methane further processing, gas processing and liquefaction, as well as heat production with auxiliary equipment, integrations and buildings.

Ren-Gas holds a prominent position as Finland’s leading developer in the hydrogen economy, spearheading the establishment of a decentralized renewable e-methane production network within the country. The renewable fuels produced by Ren-Gas are expected to significantly reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in heavy road and maritime transportation, potentially saving up to 250 million liters annually. This transition to renewable fuels will contribute to a reduction of over one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year within the transportation and energy sectors. To power the e-methane production, Ren-Gas will source Finnish wind power.

In pursuit of this vision, Ren-Gas is actively developing a portfolio with a capacity of approximately 300 MW for methane production. The Kerava project, with its 20 MW capacity, plays a pivotal role within this portfolio. This initiative will pave the way for substantial expansion of wind power in Finland through project-specific long-term power purchase agreements. Furthermore, the portfolio’s approximately 600 MW of electrolyzer capacity is highly flexible to changes in electricity consumption, increasing demand flexibility in Finland’s electricity grid.


More information:

Nordic Ren-Gas Oy: Project Development Manager, Antti Ruismäki, tel. 040 7641331

Nordic Ren-Gas Oy is Finland’s leading hydrogen economy project developer, which is building a decentralized renewable e-methane production network in Finland. The renewable fuels produced by Ren-Gas will reduce the use of fossil fuel in heavy road transport and maritime transport by approx. 250 million liters per year. The clean fuel produced can reduce more than one million tons of carbon dioxide per year in the transport and energy sectors. As an energy source for the produced e-methane, Ren-Gas acquires Finnish wind power.